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Here's the scoop on Kris, Chris, Bob, Troy, and Alan ...

Member Biographies

Kris Evans -
On loan from the Vienna Museum of Musical History, Kris’ vocal chords have been handed down through centuries of musical geniuses. Parts of her have sung for Amadeus, Bach, Napoleon, Cab Calloway, Stevie Wonder & Colonel Sanders. Kris’ true triumph in the band is two-fold: 1. her ability to wear make up and sequins 2. despite being the shortest member of the band she could beat any one of them in a basketball game.

Favorite Team- whatever team Breanna’s on
Favorite Movie- Sharknado
Number of times leaving for a gig on-time - 0

Chris Conley -
Born of a steamy affair in the summer of 1973 between Richard Nixon and Nina Simone, Chris was clearly headed for greatness. By becoming a drummer, he ensured greatness could never happen. Luckily, he went to a well respected university, is a safe driver, and is kind to the elderly… as evidenced by his generous relationship with the rest of the band.

Number of Wives - 1
Number of dogs - 3
Number of hats - 14

Bobby 'the Ocho' Summers -
As an athletic prodigy Bobby spent his first ten years training for a gymnastics career tragically cut short by his ever growing cranium and his passionate interest in ranch dressing and onion rings. He spent the better part of his next 30 years tearin’ up juke joints, dives, clubs, & churches all over the southeast. Playing a spectrum of music that includes R&B, Roots Rock, Gospel & Blues with passion & conviction that would intimidate any olympic gymnist.

Role Models- Jesus & Johnny Cash
Hat Size- ocho
Number of foot stomps during a solo - 1,768

Troy "T Roy Cool" Cole - One fuuunky dude!! He's the most likely guy in the band to have played a Jazz club in Cairo, have a feather boa from Bootsy Collins and to sit alone and watch a horror movie... at night... in a cabin in the woods. His animated bouncy attitude on stage is because he had his knees replaced with hydraulic shocks and he might be wearing a suit that'd make Prince proud.
Principle Position in a Car - Climate Control
Favorite Movie - The Goonies
Number of inverted organs- 2

Tim Craddock - Crossoverdrive's newest member... once we know something about him we'll tell you guys as well!!

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